With Lexer, you need zero technical skills to start visualizing all of your data in real-time.

Arabic Language Support

Get comfortable with an entire right-to-left Arabic interface and generate charts and dashboards using Arabic numerals.

White Labeling

You can personalize your experience with Lexer by customizing your own brand identity, starting with a custom domain, custom login screen, and more. All found Lexer under your brand through our (White-Labeling) Service.

Data Sources

Lexer can integrate with 60+ data sources such as Excel, Oracle, Google Analytics, MySQL, etc.

Self Service

Forget about coding and long cycle of waiting. With Lexer any user can generate reports within minutes from any data source.

Seamless Embedding

Lexer helps you to embed your dashboards or charts to any website, app, or portal of your choice. You will be able to present and filter data directly and at the same time from embedded dashboards/charts.

​Unlimited Customization

With Lexer, you will be able to customize margins, paddings, width, height, colors, fonts, and much more.

Pick from up to 40+ charts chosen to suit all your needs.

Lexer Benefits

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