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A story for those excited about data but don't know from where to start or those hoping for a more accessible alternative to BI Tools.

Either you run the business, or the business runs you.

About Us

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We started Lexer in 2018 not because we like data analysis tools, BI tools, data analytics & visualization tools... call them whatever you'd like, on the contrary, actually.


We started Lexer because of 3 main reasons:

  • Our non-technical team (which is 70% of our resources) didn't know how to operate most BI tools, making them unuseful for an agile environment.

  • Second, running BI tools is unaffordable to almost every business, from subscription costs to operational costs, soon you'll end up realizing that you need to spend a fortune to run such tools.

  • Finally, the design of those tools is just overwhelming. From the first look, you can tell that those tools expect you to have at least 5-6 certficates in coding and data analysis to be able to operate them.

And so, we went with the good old-fashion way of using multiple different softwares for each of our department Google Analytics for marketing and sometimes operation, Bamboo HR for HR...

Our Story

The good old-fashion way. Huh

Weeks after implementing those tools, a new more difficult problem arose that just slowed us down as any BI tool would. But this time, the issue we faced had to do less with UX/UI and technical demands and more to do with collaboration and communication.


Departments were waiting days to get their hands on data. HR to sales, marketing to operation, marketing to IT...


It was too slow, which in turn delayed plans 3 to 4 times on average...

Before we continue with the story let's go over some facts.


We all know how chaotic it gets when you're running a business by today's standards, you have to experiment and test really, really fast and in abundance across 3 to 5 departments to achieve pleasant year-to-year growth.


However, without utilizing fast data-driven approaches, no business can grow adequately and efficiently.


Don't take it from us. Netflix, Google, and many more digital giants conduct over 50 experiments day-to-day across 5 departments. So ya measuring your efforts is vital for growth, and you can't measure the success rate of your activities efficiently and execute agile changes without a data analytics tools.

A hopeful future

let's take a closer look

at the issues faced when working with BI tools:

  • Technical demands

  • Horrible UI/UX

  • High price points

  • Accessibility

  • Team and overall support

  • Limitation in reports & industry charts


There are other less problematic issues, but they are not worth mentioning at the moment, but if you can't hold your curiosity, click here and take a look at our complete list of solutions that solve this issue.


However, back to our story. In order for us to become data-driven efficiently, we had to innovate a more fitting tool to fit in with today's business standards.


Lexer, a data analytics and visualization tool that took what's already working in BI tools, made it better and way more accessible.


We built Lexer from the ground up to support any business, small or big, and help it realize and adopt the power of data without compromising on value or speed of execution:

  • No technical requirements. It's self-served to the core. Anyone can use Lexer in a fly.

  • Departments can connect, collaborate and view all business data through one platform in 2 simple steps and in real-time.

  • Designed for users to enjoy understanding their actions, make sense of their work, and automate manual activities.

  • Built with an innovative pricing model that reduces cost exponentially to make data accessible for everyone.

So if you're looking to try something new to start your data-driven journey, give Lexer a go. We are confident you won't be disappointed by the results.


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Our vision is straightforward, empowering any business to become data-driven in seconds.

Our Vision

"You no longer need to waste your efforts analyzing & presenting all of your data in real-time we'll do it for you." - Rayan Alfaheid, Co-Founder

Fail at what you do, know why, don't be disappointed, and grow from there

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Be transparent success is accumulative, work as one, and ask for help when needed

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