with Analytics as a Service

Do You Have Troubles with…

Data Silos

Is your data isolated and scattered across your organization?

Data Quality

Do you suffer from data inaccuracy and data quality issues?

Slow Results

Do you get the insight on time or its mostly late?

Hiring Team

Is it expensive to hire data scientists or you didn’t get the results that you are hoping for?

Operations Complexity

Do you have conflicts regarding data ownership and data access?

Unautomated Process

Do you perform most of the reporting tasks manually and generate ad-hoc reports?



Data Science

We provide cutting-edge techniques to cut through the noise in the rapidly changing information landscape and find business indicators to monitor trends, predict, and help you control your future.


Business Intelligence

We include a Lexer license when you get AaaS, which is state of the art BI tool, with custom dashboards that has enterprise-level governance and security control. Lexer, Lets you visualize, analyze, explore, and uncover hidden insights on the fly.


Data Strategy

We start by identifying your needs then design the best data strategy for your organization, DataLexing can audit and provide the roadmap to reach your business goals so that you can discover more and get more out of your data.


Data Engineering

We handle your data from early stages; collecting, organizing, validating, and profiling data. Further, we will create a full automated data pipeline to serve the date for further analytics.

How It Works

Analytics as a Service help your business to uncover business value without the hustle of managing a data team. Even if a business is uncertain of exactly how to leverage data and maximize Return of Investment of being a data-driven business, DataLexing has the expertise and know-how to lead your organization in any data related project or need.

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